Youth Activism and Sustainable Development

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Eoin Buckly, an IRCY member and Lorna Costelloe, an IRCY member and member of the National Working Group attend the National Youth Council of Irelands "Youth Summit on Activism and the Sustainable Development Goals" in November 2018. 
Here’s Lorna’s report from the day:

“The day included inspirational speakers from many different

backgrounds. I learned so much about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), how they're connected and how we, as young people, can get involved to cause change on a local level, national and even international level.

Organisations with speakers at the event included The Girl Child Network in Kenya, Afri, the All Island Student Activist Network, Friends of the Earth, and a young woman named Grace who spoke about her own experience of being a young person and an activist.  

There was an amazing performance from a group of young people called "Wave" who used spoken word and dance to create a discussion around climate change, and how we can work to protect our environment! It was a really powerful performance, that really resonated with me. 

The afternoon was filled with working groups, where we discussed the SDGs, and worked on creating our own youth manifestos. The main message that I came away with from the day was that all of the SDGs are equally important, but that sometimes we have to focus on one in order to achieve others- climate change was a very big part of the day's discussion!

We also had the topic of war come up a lot during the day. War causes so many issues, and prohibits us from achieving a lot of the SDGs, but preventing war is not an SDG. Afri showed us a video called "Just a Second: War or Peace?" which was very powerful as well. 

All in all, it was a very inspiring and motivating day, and I learned so much!”


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