Drama in Buncrana as hostage scenario grips senior competition

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Competitors were faced with a dramatic hostage situation featuring four people with gunshot injuries in this years’ senior competition on Saturday, in Buncrana, Co Donegal.

The Insihowen Peninsula provided a stunning backdrop to a day of tough and imaginative scenarios which were widely praised by participants and onlookers alike.

Competitors from Dublin and the North East dominated the top spots at this year’s competition with contenders from the West also making a showing.

Teams from Dublin, Louth and Meath between them scooped 12 top-three positions, in an outstanding competition hosted by the Donegal Area Committee.

A car upturned following a road crash and a couple who had fallen ill on an island, one with a suspected heart attack, were among the scenarios devised by the Competitions Committee. The scenario involved competitors being brought by the RNLI to the island.

The hostage situation in a forest featuring gunshot wounds to three members of the public and a suspect robber was the talk of the competition. The scenario also challenged competitors to treat for heroin overdose and hypothermia.

A fall from a roof and subsequent suspected cardiac arrest and industrial accident involving toxic inhalation also featured as scenarios.

This year also saw the John O’Mahony Award presented to the Trim team for the most compassionate treatment of patients during at a defined single station. The station, which was kept secret from competitors, was the hostage scenario.

The award, made in memory of long-term Red Cross member John O’Mahony from Co Cork who died tragically in a road crash bringing an emergency patient to hospital, was presented by John’s close friend Ted Noonan, Regional Director of Units in the South.

Irish Red Cross Interim General Secretary Sandra Stanley was full of admiration for contestants’ skills in dealing with of the inventive scenarios which also included an industrial injury scenario and a series of new tests for bike units.

“The Donegal Area Committee outdid themselves in getting permission to use some superb locations which allowed the Competitions Committee put together some really detailed and novel scenarios.

“The competition really challenged competitors in all categories to showcase their skills and they rose to the occasion. The teamwork throughout the competition was particularly admirable while those taking part in the Dominic Nugent individual event coped brilliantly with their challenges as did the bike competitors.

“It was so good to see that just a day after we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Seven Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross we could see them so clearly in evidence among the competitors.

“The bar for next years’ competition has been set high by organisers and competitors alike,” Sandra said.



First - Dublin Borough 2

Second - Dublin Borough 1

Third - Donegal


First - Meath 1

Second - Meath 2

Third - Dublin Borough

Dominic Nugent Individual

First - Dublin Borough

Second - Meath 1

Third - Galway

John O’Mahony Award


Sheila Callan Humanitarian Award

Dublin Borough

President’s Trophy

First - Louth 2

Second - Dublin Borough

Third - Meath

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