Irish Red Cross Migration Structure
The Irish Red Cross has a national and regional team in place to enable migrants to move from initial accommodation centres into pledged (other accommodation) in a manner that facilitates integration and social inclusion. 

The Irish Red Cross Migration Team

The Irish Red Cross national Migration Team comprises of a Senior Manager of the organisation, a Programme Manager, two Caseworkers, a Housing Manager (Co-operative Housing Ireland), a Family Links Caseworker and the National Director of Health & Social Care (volunteer).

This national team is supported by three Regional Directors (volunteers), each with two Regional Coordinators (volunteers – to be in place by mid-January).  The regional areas are divided into North East Region, Western Region and the Southern Region.  

The Caseworkers, Housing Manager and regional volunteers will coordinate and facilitate the placement of migrants into accommodation and support integration into their new communities.  Much of this will be delivered locally by volunteer members of the Irish Red Cross and the people who have pledged accommodation, goods and services.  Irish Red Cross staff will be available to assist volunteers and people who have made pledges.  

The Irish Red Cross is currently working with migrants in accommodation centres to begin the matching and placement into accommodation in January 2017.  As part of the matching process, Caseworkers and the Housing Manager will contact the owners of relevant pledged accommodation to ensure that the accommodation offer is still available and appropriate, and that they are supported by a suitable legal agreement.  Irish Red Cross Caseworkers will ensure that links between local Red Cross volunteers, local service providers and offers of pledges are in place.  

The Irish Red Cross will provide related training in late January to all of its staff, volunteer members and persons who have made pledges.  This will ensure a consistency in delivery of services and that the supports offered are appropriate and in line with good practice.

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[Update 13/01/2017: Irish Red Cross Migration FAQs document]