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Niger: Even Farmers find the cupboards bare

Published on: 16 Mar 2012

For a farmer in a poor country, Boureima Garba who lives in Kourtéré village in Niger, is fortunate. He has plenty of ..

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IRC Youth: Anti-Bullying Campaign Competition

Published on: 14 Mar 2012

A motion was passed at the Irish Red Cross Youth National Youth Forum in November 2011 to develop an anti-bullying campa..

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Japan: Mr and Mrs Kumagai adjust to life after the Tsunami

Published on: 11 Mar 2012

The heated table in the middle of Mrs and Mrs Kumagai’s tiny living room is loaded with freshly cooked vegetables, pic..

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Japan: “The dog was the only possession I managed to save when the t..

Published on: 10 Mar 2012

As she stands in the porch of her temporary house, Masako Horoiwa holds her dog tightly. The poor terrier is shivering w..

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Japan: Tamami Morino and her young family were evacuated from their ho..

Published on: 10 Mar 2012

For Tamami Morino and her family, it’s been a rare carefree and happy afternoon as her two small children have wallowe..

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Japan Tsunami: One year on

Published on: 9 Mar 2012

Sunday March 11th will mark the one year anniversary of Japan’s massive earthquake and tsunami which caused major dest..

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International Women’s Day – A time to celebrate?

Published on: 7 Mar 2012

On the eve of International Women’s Day (IWD), the Irish Red Cross hosted the latest in a series of International Huma..

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Luke’s Story – Work Experience with the Irish Red Cross

Published on: 4 Mar 2012

I chose the Irish Red Cross for work experience because I really wanted to learn about how it was run and the different ..

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Volunteer skills showcased at VES seminar

Published on: 2 Mar 2012

The Irish Red Cross volunteers showcased their skills on Saturday (25.02.2012) at the inaugural seminar of the Voluntary..

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