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International Women’s Day – A time to celebrate?

Published on: 7 Mar 2012

On the eve of International Women’s Day (IWD), the Irish Red Cross hosted the latest in a series of International Huma..

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Luke’s Story – Work Experience with the Irish Red Cross

Published on: 4 Mar 2012

I chose the Irish Red Cross for work experience because I really wanted to learn about how it was run and the different ..

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Volunteer skills showcased at VES seminar

Published on: 2 Mar 2012

The Irish Red Cross volunteers showcased their skills on Saturday (25.02.2012) at the inaugural seminar of the Voluntary..

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Syrian Arab Red Crescent response

Published on: 1 Mar 2012

Throughout the current unrest in some areas of Syria there has been one constant - the presence and reach of the Syrian ..

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Fighting in Mali adds to Crisis is Niger

Published on: 28 Feb 2012

The Irish Red Cross (IRC) today stepped up its Niger Hunger Appeal as fighting in Mali continues to force tens of thousa..

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Red Cross: Syria Update

Published on: 27 Feb 2012

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) have today entered the city ..

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70 years of service: A volunteer’s story

Published on: 24 Feb 2012

In 1939, 17 year old Moirín was recruited to volunteer with the Cork City Branch of the Irish Red Cross.

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Domino Disasters

Published on: 21 Feb 2012

Returning migrants to the Sahel region of Africa from Libya, and other conflict zones in North Africa, are placing incre..

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Red Cross Volunteers assist in patient transfer

Published on: 16 Feb 2012

Irish Red Cross volunteers in Galway and Cork were recently involved in the transfer of patients as requested by the HSE..

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A disaster that can be avoided

Published on: 15 Feb 2012

The Irish Red Cross today launched an emergency appeal in a bid to alleviate the looming food crisis in Niger. The appe..

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