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“Youth on the Run”

Published on: 21 Nov 2011

Can you imagine what it feels like to be a refugee? To be forced to flee your country and make your way to a new land? T..

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Opinion Piece: Respect for Protection of Humanitarian Action Essential..

Published on: 18 Nov 2011

In recent weeks, air strikes in Somalia caused the interruption of the distribution of humanitarian aid to over 6,000 di..

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Representing Youth

Published on: 16 Nov 2011

Dublin man Greg Lyons was elected this weekend as the first ever Youth Representative to sit on the governing body of th..

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Rescue efforts in Turkey intensify as further quakes hit

Published on: 14 Nov 2011

On the evening of November 9th two more earthquakes shook the Van province in Eastern Turkey. The first was of 5.6 magni..

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Respect for Humanitarian Actors essential to save lives

Published on: 10 Nov 2011

Dublin conference addresses International Humanitarian Law

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Award ceremony celebrates carer’s work

Published on: 10 Nov 2011

Neighbour nominates winner of National Award

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First Wave of Humanitarian Flood Funds Released

Published on: 7 Nov 2011

The Irish Red Cross today released the first wave of payments from its humanitarian fund to homes in Dublin damaged by t..

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Laws of War: Conference to address humanitarian protection

Published on: 4 Nov 2011

The Irish Red Cross will host a conference on International Humanitarian Law (IHL) at the Royal Irish Academy on Wednesd..

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Communities cut off by flood waters on the outskirts of Bangkok

Published on: 31 Oct 2011

On a good day it takes about 45 minutes to reach Bangkruai from central Bangkok. Although part of Nonthaburi province, t..

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Communication is the key in Haiti

Published on: 26 Oct 2011

Beneficiary Communications / Haiti / October 2011: An independent evaluation into the IFRC beneficiary communications p..

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