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The Irish Prison Service has submitted a paper to the World Health Organization as a model of best practice for keeping Covid-19 out of prisons..

That's where Ted, who is one of a number of prisoners, helped. He is a Red Cross volunteer, and he relayed information from the health authorities to the other inmates.

"What we try to do is inform people of what's going on as regards visits, hand washing techniques, social distancing and things like that," he said.

The Red Cross inmates handed out leaflets, showed others how to wash their hands properly and explained how meal times would change to enable social distancing.

Detainees understand the measures are necessary, but the lack of visitors has been difficult for them.

Ted said: "Everyone knew if the virus got into the jail, it would be very bad because obviously if you are in here for a long time your immune system is not as good as it should be anyway, so no one wanted to get the virus, but the visits were the big thing because family is everything when you are in prison.

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