Runner owes her life to Irish Red Cross

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Runner who suffered cardiac arrest says she owes her life to Irish Red Cross

Siobhán Jordan was 100m from finish line during race in Dublin when she collapsed. 

Siobhán Jordan was 100m from the finish line of Dublin’s Rock ‘n’ Roll half-marathon in August of last year when she suddenly collapsed. The 28-year-old fell near a group of Irish Red Cross volunteers who immediately rushed to her assistance, assessed the situation and began to administer CPR within 16 seconds of her fall.

“My family were prepared for the worst,” she recalled. “It was recommended that my brother fly home from New Zealand. I don’t have any underlining heart conditions and nothing has been found ever since and I may never have an answer to exactly what happened to me. But I do know that that day something went wrong and luckily for me I was in the right place at the right time.

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