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The Irish Red Cross helps offers a range of community services and supports including therapeutic hand care and skin camouflage services; handbooks for voluntary carers; and community visitations.

Irish Red Cross Carer of the Year Award

The Irish Red Cross Carer of the Year Award which is an annual prize that acknowledges the dedication of informal carers at home and in the community. Nominations open around the start of the summer and an award ceremony takes place around November.

The award is open to anyone, you do not need to be a Red Cross volunteer to be nominated.

For more information or to nominate someone see: or download a nomination form.

Therapeutic Hand Care Service

This service is provided by Irish Red Cross volunteers trained to give free hand massage and manicure to men and women in hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, day care centres and in their own homes.

Hand massage has proved highly beneficial to those with painful and stiff joints relieving soreness and improving joint flexibility. Some of our practitioners are also trained in massage for neck, shoulders and arms.

A visit from one of our practitioners is often welcome company, boosting morale as well as improving clients’ mobility and therefore overall quality of life.

For further information on receiving these services or training to provide them, please contact your local Irish Red Cross Branch or the Irish Red Cross Head Office at 16 Merrion Square, Dublin 2. Tel: 01 6424600 Email:

Skin camouflage 

Skin camouflage is the application of special creams that conceal or improve the appearance of skin blemishes. They may be applied to adults and children, male or female on any part of the body.

Irish Red Cross trained volunteers provide this free service, helping you select the best match for your skin tone. You will then be shown how to apply the setting powder before applying your waterproof, long-lasting cream.

We will also help you source your cream and powder at the best price. Creams typically last six months to two years depending on the area to be camouflaged.

Conditions treated: Vitiligo; Rosacea; Lupus; Birthmarks; Thread veins; Leg Veins; Hyper-pigmentation; scars/burns and more.

To make an appointment, call 01 642 4600 or email Please note, a referral letter from your doctor or nurse is required to get an appointment.

Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment (VCA)

We are rolling out a new procedure for making Irish communities stronger and more resilient in preparing for, and reacting to crises.

Vulnerability & Capacity Assessment (VCA) is a method of evaluating community needs by harmonising the insight of local people and groups, with agencies of State and influential local actors such as businesses.

VCA was created to support needs in the developing world – particularly in communities vulnerable to poverty, disease, disaster and food shortage.

It has proven a valuable tool for Red Cross volunteers around the world in predicting needs that arise in a crisis and having an effective response prepared. We are now implementing these principles in Irish communities.

For more information, please contact the VCA team at