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The support provided by the Irish Red Cross help carers and communities across Ireland. 

Carers App 

The Irish Red Cross carer’s app is now available to download for free. The app provides resources to support voluntary carers in communities across Ireland. The Irish Red Cross is a member of Care Alliance which endeavours to provide quality supports for all carers.

The Irish Red Cross identified a need for an effective user-friendly app that would assist carers in managing the day to day needs of those being cared for. The app allows users to manage medications, schedule meals, assign a minder, manage appointments and create reminders. Effectively coordinating the care needs between all carers and care professionals involved in the care plan.

Features include a care recipient profile which allows carers to care for more than one individual at a time, a chat facility that allows the care team to keep in contact and an online store to purchase the Irish Red Cross carers handbook or home first aid kits.

You can now download the app by clicking GOOGLE PLAY or  ITUNES

Carers Handbook

More and more people are being cared for at home, partly because hospitals discharge patients more quickly and also because people live longer. There is a large number of carers in Ireland looking after an ill, disabled or elderly person at home. The carers handbook is an illustrated practical guide to address their needs.

The carers handbook can be purchased for €6.99 by contacting Irish Red Cross head office on 01 642 4600.

National Carer of the Year Award

The Irish Red Cross National Carer of the Year Award which is an annual prize that acknowledges the dedication of voluntary carers at home and in the community. Nominations open around the start of the summer and an award ceremony takes place around November.

Closing date 31st August Annually

Community-Based Health and First Aid

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs), urban health, an ageing population, and a peaking AIDS epidemic, coupled with limited resources, rapid urbanization, environmental damage, climate change and poverty are some of the many problems facing communities around the world. In order to reduce the impact of these dangers, communities must be empowered and people’s resilience must be strengthened.

How we help

The community-based health and first aid (C.B.H.F.A) approach empower volunteers and communities to take charge of their own health.

In communities and Irish prisons, the C.B.H.F.A approach is used to address and prioritize peoples health needs. It addresses health needs related to NCDs, urban health risks, active lifestyle, healthy environment and hygiene promotion among many others. The C.B.H.F.A approach seeks to create healthy and resilient communities in Ireland and worldwide.

The Irish Red Cross in partnership with the National Prison service currently run the C.B.H.F.A programme in all Irish prisons to help prisoners improve their health and environment in prison. Learn more about C.B.H.F.A in prison programme here. – (make link back to prison programme page)