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You can help us help migrants in search of safety

You can help us help migrants in search of safety

More than one million people have now moved or are moving through Europe since the start of 2015. All fleeing in hope of a safer future for themselves and for their families.

The Irish Red Cross is committed to helping migrants as they make the treacherous journey on the migration trail. Helping them stay warm. Helping them find lost family. Helping them find a better future.

Find out below how you can help vulnerable people on the migration trail and migrants arriving in Ireland.

To get in touch for more information on our migration response, email us at Migrationcrisis@redcross.ie or call us on 01 642 4600

Register of Pledges

Pledge accommodation, goods or services for migrants arriving in Ireland.

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Restoring Family Links

The Irish Red Cross is helping reconnect families who have lost contact with each other.

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