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Our Youth department

Staff in the Youth Section:

Sandra Stanley – Head of National Volunteer Network Services & Development

Catriona Finn – National Youth Development Officer

Barry O’Dwyer – Safeguarding & Youth Administrator

You can contact any of the staff on youth@redcross.ie or 01 642 4600

National Youth Working Group

This group is one of several groups reporting to the Executive Committee of the Irish Red Cross. It was established under the society’s Youth Charter to aid development of Irish Red Cross Youth and support its role in achieving the mission of the International Red Cross Movement.

One of the group’s key functions is to identify major concerns of young people, and recommend action as appropriate. It does this by supporting the personal growth of Irish Red Cross Youth members and in turn, young people generally.

It manages partnerships and programmes to achieve this aim which reflect the Seven Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross: Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary Service and Unity.

The group also works closely with other working groups that are part of the Irish Red Cross governance structures. Its relationship with the Irish Red Cross Safeguarding Committee is of particular importance.

The chair of the National Youth Working Group is elected by the General Assembly of the Irish Red Cross.

Members of the current Youth Working Group (2014-2018):

Bernie Rutherford – Donegal, Chair & National Director of Youth

Kevin Brennan – Cork, Vice Chair

Ciara MacAlinney – Galway, National Youth Representative
Tom Doyle - Dublin Borough
Jennie White - Cork
David Walsh – Cork
Geraldine Cronin- Cork
Caitriona Ryan – Dublin Borough
Karen Condon - Waterford
Philip Dorian – Meath
Bernie Horwell - Louth

You can contact any member of the National Youth Working Group by emailing youth@redcross.ie

Youth Representative

The Youth Representative acts as a voice for youth and communicates decisions made at General Assembly (GA) and National Youth Working Group (NYWG) directly to youth members.

The current Youth Representative (2015 – 2018) is Ciara MacAlinney.

You can contact Ciara MacAlinney in her role as Youth Representative by emailing youthrep@redcross.ie.