International Humanitarian Law – We all have a role to play

About this campaign

The Irish Red Cross, as part of the wider International Red Cross Red Crescent Movement, assists in the promotion and dissemination of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) in Ireland. This involves raising awareness of what IHL is, and how it applies across all sectors of society. We do this through organising campaigns and events, such as an annual IHL Conference, and an IHL university competition.

In this campaign, we highlight the role the Red Cross has in IHL, as well as the roles of the Irish government and the wider EU. Every State in the world has signed and ratified the Geneva Conventions These, along with other treaties and customary law, form the basis of IHL today. So, they all have a responsibility to abide by and promote IHL. The Irish government, in 2022, negotiated a Political Declaration restricting the use of explosive weapons in populated areas (EWIPA). This is a major step to protecting civilians caught in armed conflict, and reinforcing the protections set out under IHL.

But did you know it is not just Governments who are responsible for ensuring respect for IHL and condemning violations? We all have a crucial role to play, and we count on you as individuals, students, academics, or humanitarians, to be an agent of change. You can champion international humanitarian law and join our call for all parties to armed conflicts around the world, to follow the rules of war and limit human suffering.

What you can do to support IHL

As an individual, you can learn more about IHL, what it is and who it protects. You can become an IHL champion and join in calls to protect civilians, hospitals and humanitarian workers in armed conflicts around the world.

Below are some tools and resources to get started on learning about IHL. To hear updates on IHL or about Irish Red Cross events and opportunities to get involved, sign up to our mailing list.

Become an IHL champion.

Explore below videos, podcasts, films, apps, articles, and more to learn more about IHL.