Remember us in your Will


I seem to have always been aware of the Red Cross…If I can help their efforts, I am proud to do so

Edwin Humphreys, Irish Red Cross supporter

A gift you give today is what helps us plan for tomorrow.

Hi there,

My name is Frank Phelan and I look after gifts in Wills here at the Irish Red Cross. By remembering us in your Will, you can help us build a long-term vision and create a clear strategy that will help vulnerable people for future generations.

What we have achieved in the past with your amazing support symbolises the progress and success that can be achieved through your ability to plan ahead and to think of all the people that might be following in your footsteps. Large or small, leaving a gift in your Will is a special and personal way to make an impact.

Please contact me if you would like to hear more about leaving the Irish Red Cross a gift in your Will. My phone number is 01 642 4645, or you can email me at I will always be happy to hear from you.

Did you know that it’s possible to leave a charity just 1% in your Will?

Just 1% to the Irish Red Cross and the other 99% will care for your family and friends.

The most usual examples of gifts we receive are:

  • A percentage of the value of your estate. Even 1% of your estate would be a wonderful gift to the Irish Red Cross, leaving 99% for those closest to you.
  • A sum of money to suit your circumstances – you can decide this amount and include it in your Will.
  • A residuary gift means the part of your estate that is left after you have made sure that your loved ones have been taken care of. Whatever might be left over could be left to the Irish Red Cross in your Will.

The Irish Red Cross are like first-responders. They do not have the time to fundraise on each and every occasion a humanitarian disaster strikes. If my legacy gift can help to mobilise immediate resources for people in terrible crisis – that is a legacy I am proud of”

Fidelma Kelly, Irish Red Cross Supporter

By leaving a gift in your Will to the Irish Red Cross, you have the power to give beyond your lifetime.

Mrs. Farrell left us €2,000, which funded a new defibrillator for a Red Cross ambulance. The ambulance is out and about every weekend and Mrs. Farrell’s gift has already saved a life of a spectator who collapsed at an outdoor sporting event.

Mrs. Ahearn left us €45,000 for people caught up in disasters. Her gift helped survivors immediately after the 2011 Japanese tsunami. Today her gift is still helping to give playtimes to traumatised children who see water and mud in their nightmares.

Simple and significant. Even 1% makes a wonderful difference.

It’s easy to leave the Irish Red Cross a gift in your Will. Four important pieces of information for your Will:

  • Irish Red Cross Head Office, 16 Merrion Square, Dublin 2, D02 XF85
  • Charity Number: CHY3950
  • Registered charity number: 20005184
  • Amount of the gift that you would like to leave us.

Simply pass these on to your solicitor and it is done in minutes.

The Irish Red Cross has also partnered with to offer a service that makes the Will-making process easier and free of charge. This service includes the option of writing a Letter of Wishes. A Letter of Wishes can provide a little extra guidance for the people looking after your Will, to make sure it is executed properly.

Please contact Frank, on 01 642 4645, for more information. You can also email him at

Thank you for considering the Irish Red Cross for a gift in your Will. We would be truly honored and grateful to receive it.

Yours sincerely,

Frank Phelan
Partnerships and Philanthropy Manager
Irish Red Cross