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Your kindness makes a real difference to families in Ireland and in countries worldwide

Frontline Spring 2021

We never know where a disaster will occur, or where we will be suddenly needed. It could be here at home, or it could be half a world away. But wherever the need is, we must be prepared, and we must be there.

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COVID-19 Emergency

As the country is in the grip of the Covid-19 emergency, thousands of Irish Red Cross volunteers and supporters are mobilising to fight the spread of this virus and provide urgently needed, round-the-clock support to local communities.

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As the brutal conflict continues to rage in Yemen, the need for emergency aid grows.

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Nepal is one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world. Earthquakes, floods, and landslides are all too common. More than 80% of the Nepali people are at risk from these disasters.

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Irish Red Cross


We are seeing the devastating impact the ongoing hostilities in Northern Syria. Tens of thousands of people fleeing their towns and villages near the borders since Friday

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