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Your kindness makes a real difference to families in Ireland and in countries worldwide.

Christmas Appeal

Around the world, famine, conflict, and disease haunt too many precious children. They worry about what tomorrow will bring. And they wonder if anyone cares.

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International Crisis Fund

In emergencies around the world, vast numbers of families need food, water, shelter and medical support. Your donation allows the Red Cross to respond within hours of a disaster.

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COVID-19 Global Emergency

The Irish Red Cross is supporting communities affected by the pandemic worldwide, wherever the need is greatest. As cases continue to rise, we cannot afford to leave anyone behind.

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Restoring Family Links

Restoring Family Links programme helps reunite refugees that have separated from their families through travel assistance, family tracing, and emergency temporary travel documents.

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As the brutal conflict continues to rage in Yemen, the need for emergency aid grows.

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Irish Red Cross


Over 10 years of conflict in Syria has left nearly 13 million people requiring humanitarian assistance.

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