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Your kindness makes a real difference to families in Ireland and in countries worldwide

Irish Red Cross

Mynamar Crisis Appeal

Thousands of people are fleeing violence in northern areas of Myanmar’s Rakhine State and are crossing into Bangladesh.

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Hurricane Irma Emergency Appeal

Hurricane Irma has torn a path through the Caribbean, leaving behind a trail of devastation across the region.

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Irish Red Cross

Donegal Flood Appeal

The recent flash flooding in North – West Donegal has caused extensive damage across the region. Please help those affected by the flood.

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Yemen Crisis Appeal

Yemeni people are facing incredible hardships due to an ongoing civil conflict that has left at least 80% of the population in need of humanitarian aid – 10 million of them are children.

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migration appeal irish red cross

Migration Crisis Appeal

Your donation will help us bring warm clothes, hot food and shelter to people on the migration trail. Please donate today to help migrants on the dangerous journey to safety.

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