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In the midst of all the suffering in the world, wherever people see a Red Cross, they will find hope, help and practical assistance. By donating in your Will you are leaving a small corner of a better world to someone in desperate need.
Why leave a legacy gift to a charity?

When a charity knows that a legacy donation will become available to them in future years it allows them to make long-term commitments to the communities they work in and respond immediately in crisis situations.

Why leave a legacy gift to the Irish Red Cross?

Leaving a legacy in your Will to the Irish Red Cross will bring emergency relief to people suffering hunger, violence and other international crisis. And it will help people who need rescue and care here in Ireland. You can read more information about leaving a legacy gift in your Will to the Irish Red Cross here: 

leaving a legacy gift in your Will to the Irish Red Cross.

Taking the next step

If you have already made a will and would like to leave a legacy gift to the Irish Red Cross you can make a simple addition called a codicil.

The kinds of legacy gifts you can leave in your will to the Irish Red Cross charity are

A share of your estate ( Residuary Legacy gift)Once you've worked out what you're leaving to family and friends, you can donate a share, or all of what's left.

A specific sum of money ( Pecuniary Legacy donation); If you want to leave a lump sum to the Irish Red Cross, you specify this amount in your Will.

A specific item: Jewellery, a painting or any item that you wish to donate, that you think will be of some value to the Irish Red Cross's work when sold.

When you have decided what type of gift yo would like to leave in your Will, you should seek independent guidance from your own legal advisor. 

Leave your gift for the future, leave a legacy

Irish Red Cross ask you to continue to support us by leaving a legacy gift in your will, after you have taken care of your family and loved ones.  Large or small, it is a special and personal way to make an impact on causes you cherish most for the future.

We are part of My Legacy, an umbrella group of over 50 Irish charities who work together to highlight how important it is for everybody to have a will and to ask people to remember a charity they care about, once all other important personal decisions have been made.

Many Irish people put off making a will even though it is not a daunting experience and can give you peace of mind. A solicitor has a checklist of all the things to be decided upon and once that is done, you can add whatever legacy gift you feel is right and possible.  Most of us have been touched by the amazing work charities do in our lives and communities. Three simple steps is all it takes to remember those you care about in your will.

You can learn more about leaving a legacy gift to charity and find a local solicitor to help you make your will at www.mylegacy.ie

Talk to us

Please contact Emma Doyle at edoyle@redcross.ie or on 01 6424645 if you would like a copy of our legacy brochure, a codicil form or if you have any other query regarding leaving a legacy in your Will to the Irish Red Cross.

Irish Red Cross are a member of MyLegacy.ie – an organisation of over 150 charities in Ireland who aim to raise awareness about leaving legacy gifts in Wills to charities