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How You Can Help

Do you have a spare room or vacant property?

Since February 2022, people displaced from Ukraine have received an outpouring of support and goodwill from the Irish public with the IRC receiving record offers of accommodation from around the country. Over the past two years, the Irish Red Cross, its Consortium of Partners, and Local Authorities have facilitated 7,109 hosts of shared and vacant homes to provide accommodation to 18,179 people displaced from Ukraine.  

We are happy to say that 92% of hosts have found their experience of hosting people in need to be ‘good’ or ‘better than expected’.  It is clear that hosting is a rewarding experience which provides a safe space for displaced people as they chose a pathway for their future.

With the armed conflict continuing in Ukraine, the Irish Red Cross are calling on the public to pledge their vacant properties and spare rooms so that we can provide people arriving in Ireland with a place to call home as they rebuild their lives. 

“Over the last two years, we have seen an unprecedented humanitarian effort across Ireland. Thousands of families have opened their homes to those fleeing the war in Ukraine, providing a warm welcome into local communities, and I know that, for those who are hosting, it has been a hugely positive and rewarding experience. I would strongly encourage those considering offering their spare room or vacant property to contact the Red Cross.”Roderic O’Gorman, Minister for Children, Equality, Disability, Integration, and Youth.

Your vacant property or spare room could change a life. Click below for more information and to pledge today.

Marie and Liubov

Marie, a retired grandmother from Sligo, was matched through the Irish Red Cross’s Register of Pledges with Liubov, who was fleeing the conflict in Ukraine. Liubov’s values and way of life aligned closely with Marie’s. When they met for the first time, Marie and Liubov felt an instant connection. Liubov has expressed deep satisfaction with her living arrangement at Marie’s house. She regards Marie as a wonderful and incredibly supportive person, which has greatly enhanced her experience.  

It was the first time I celebrated my birthday with someone other than my family. I feel good living with such a beautiful family, Liubov said.

Dymitri and Stacy

Dymitri, Stacy and their son Alex (15) fled Ukraine and resettled in Ireland when the conflict escalated in 2022. The family was introduced to the Irish Red Cross who helped them secure accommodation in a vacant property in Sligo via the Register of Pledges. Two years on, Dymitri and Stacy have launched their own business in Ireland ‘Teen Spirit Academy’ which provides English lessons. “We wanted to do something useful while we were here. We are really grateful,” Stacy said.  

John and Marie

John and Marie from Dublin opened their home to three sets of guests who fled Ukraine due to the conflict. As the couple raised daughters, they contacted the Irish Red Cross and asked to support a female – a decision they described as an “extension” of their experience as parents. Since 2022, John and Marie have engaged with the programme three times, hosting three Ukranian women on separate occasions. “We were just happy that we could assist each in our own way,” John said.  

Deirdre and Mariia

Deirdre, a retired business owner from Dublin opened her home to Maria, who fled her home in Ukraine.  

Mariia wasted little time in seeking employment and in just a few weeks she secured a job. This achievement marked the beginning of a promising new venture for Mariia, providing hope and stability during a tumultuous period in her life.  Deirdre has found profound satisfaction and joy in participating in this programme. Not only has she extended her home to someone in need, but she has also cultivated a meaningful friendship. “I’m just so glad that we’re contributing to this in a way that is pretty painless, really. Let’s face it, we’re getting paid by the government. It’s just having a spare room. If you have a spare room, it’s a good thing to be doing. It’s lovely to have somebody coming in. I would highly recommend it,” Deirdre said.

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