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Christmas appeal

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 Around the world, and in Ireland, there are so many vulnerable people who have been helped by your generous support of the Irish Red Cross. Today, we ask you to open your heart and help create a new Christmas story for those who are hungry, far from home and without shelter by supporting our Christmas Appeal..


How your gift today could help:


€50 could provide an entire food parcel for a family in Iraq.


€80 may ensure a food parcel, along with tarpaulins, hygiene kits and buckets are given to those in need in Syria


€120 could not only provide a food parcel package for a family in Afghanistan, it will also give them winter kits, a kitchen set, solar lights and even blankets, towels and clothing.


During natural disasters and other emergencies, such as the extreme Donegal flooding this summer, the Red Cross co-ordinates the making and the delivery of parcels which include toiletries and other essential items to families whose homes and businesses have been ruined. Providing Red Cross food and/or supply parcels like these is a wonderful way to extend your Christmas joy and love to children and their parents in places where there is too little food — and too little joy.


Please give now. Thank you.