Irish Red Cross

This Christmas the most vulnerable people in the world need your help more than ever. Please help the Red Cross give them the most powerful and important gifts of all – Water, Food and Medicine 
Your Christmas gift can save a life. Please Donate. 


In Syria - You can help keep children safe and warm. Irish Red Cross

The winter bites with horrible ferocity in Syria. More than 11 million people have fled their homes due to the conflict and without some form of humanitarian support, many may not survive the icy conditions. In Syria, Yemen and wherever winter is harshest the Red Cross is distributing ‘winterisation kits’ to help families survive the harsh winter. The kit contains items such as a set of boots, thermal woollen socks and other winter and rainproof clothing


In Yemen - You can help provide a family with clean water and help to stop the spread of deadly disease. In October, the United Nations warned that, if the conflict in Yemen continues we could be facing "the worst famine in the world for 100 years". Right now there are 16 million struggling to survive without clean water or basic sanitation and 20 people die everyday from Cholera. 


In Myanmar - You can help provide a starving family with food. 

In August 2007, violence erupted in the northern areas of Myanmar's Rakhine State causing more than 700.000 people to flee into neighbouring Bangladesh - more than half of them women and children. We urgently need to provide life-saving food parcels to thousands of displaced people in Bangladesh. 


In Ireland – You can help those at risk this winter

Last winter was one of the harshest on record. As Storm Emma and the notorious ‘Beast from the East’ swept across Ireland in early March, the Red Cross completed a staggering 272 call-outs.

Right now, Irish Red Cross teams are preparing to combat whatever extreme weather comes our way.