My heart is broken. 

My beautiful country is in ruins. Syria, home to ancient civilizations, is all but destroyed by war. 

My name is Hasan and I am from Damascus, Syria. 

You see, for a young man, Syria is a dangerous place. All around me was unfairness and brutality. At any moment, I could be turned into a soldier against my will. 

So, at my family’s urging, I left my family and friends and relocated to Ireland. I didn’t want to become a refugee. I didn’t want to leave my family. 

But I want to be safe. I want to live with some dignity and some rights. I want to feel my value as a human. 

I know I’m fortunate. And it’s for all the people who are still in desperate need that I feel I can ask you, could you please send a generous gift today? 


Your donation today will help the Irish Red Cross continue to provide life-saving work at home and all around the world.
Your gift of any size will be treasured.

Thank you!


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