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The General Assembly and Board of the Irish Red Cross have approved a new Complaints Procedure which can be downloaded when you click, Read More.

This policy is relevant to all Red Cross activities and supersedes the policy set out in the Standard Operating Procedures (Units) (No. 24). It should be read in conjunction with the Respect and Dignity Policy of the Irish Red Cross.

The new procedure was developed by the Membership and Disciplinary Committee which has relevant experience in dealing with complaints. This committee is led by Chair Hugo Bonar.

Following consultation over a period of 12 months with national directors, the Board and General Assembly, the procedure was approved at the November General Assembly meeting. This new procedure is applicable to all members regardless of whether they operate in Units, Community Support or Youth sections. It is based on the Branch structure as the core structure of the organization.

The Membership and Disciplinary Committee members will host a number of training sessions focusing on the implementation of the policy in April. A number of the Committee members will be available to advise members on the day-to-day implementation and application of the policy if required. They may be contacted at:

Mr. Hugo Bonar,
Mr. Gerard Kelly,
Mr. Gerry Scully,

For more information contact the IRC head office on  +353 (0)1-642-4600

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