October 22 Reopening

Dear Members,


We are fast approaching October 22nd, the date at which all remaining Covid-19 restrictions are set to be lifted. For some of you, your duties have continued uninterrupted since March 2020, when the first restrictions were put in place. However, for others October 22nd will mark a return to active service, as society reopens in earnest.


Whichever category you fall into; I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued service to the Irish Red Cross and wish you luck in navigating these next few weeks and months.


According to Mohammad Ali, “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth”. I feel very privileged to be serving as the Secretary General of this wonderful organization which has been, and continues to be, so vital to the Irish State.


I grew up in a Cornafean in Co. Cavan, a small area of around 400 people, an area that gave me a sense of the importance of community. During my travels I have been really fortunate to find a great community wherever I went, often finding these communities through volunteering. Having settled here in Dublin, I continue to volunteer at home and abroad virtually and believe that there is no better education in life than being part of a collective.


During my time at the Irish Red Cross I have already had the opportunity to experience the IRC’s exceptional volunteering work and National Programmes first-hand and was honoured to attend National Services Day last month, an all-important day to acknowledge the efforts of frontline volunteers and staff. With the resumption of events and the country’s reopening, I look forward to having more face-to-face time with you in due course.


Kind Regards,

Catrina Sheridan