Restoring Family Links 

Restoring Family Links programme helps reunite refugees that have separated from their families through travel assistance, family tracing, and emergency temporary travel documents. 

Founded in 1945, Restoring Family Links programme is a free service, part of an international network which traces separated relatives, restores contact, and reunites families.

While Restoring Family Links has succeeded in tracing hundreds of thousands of people, there is still more to do. 

With your help, we can continue to help reunite families separated while fleeing their war torn countries of origin or have lost each other on the migratory trail.




Your donation today will help the Irish Red Cross to continue to reunite relatives and families that have disappeared or separated while fleeing from danger.


€25 could help provide emergency travel documents for a family fleeing from danger.
€50 could be used to help people search for missing relatives that have dispersed or separated.
€100 could help fund medical travel insurance through the travel assistance programme.
€250 could help pay for the travel cost to reunite a family in Ireland. 
€3,500 is the cost to reunite a family of 3 through our travel assistance programme.


Your kindness will help the Red Cross continue providing humanitarian aid to these vulnerable refugees and migrants. 

Thank you! 


Read more about Resorting Family Links services launched by the Irish Red Cross.


Here you can read some of the testimonials of families and individuals that we have helped.


* Donations of €250+ are worth 45% extra to the Irish Red Cross if you pay income tax or capital gains tax – at no extra cost to you. If you do not wish to receive updates in the post from us, please email or call Freephone 1800 50 70 70.