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Every night, eight-year-old Noa* sits alone in the dark and waits for the gunfire and the sound of the missiles. She waits for her parents to return with water. She waits for her darkness to end. But the power outages in Gaza last up to 20 hours.

Right now in Gaza, Syria, Yemen and conflict zones across the world, there are children in constant physical danger from bullets, disease, hunger and lack of medicine


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Irish Red Cross


Will you make a special gift today to help the Irish Red Cross protect innocent children like Noa and their families from the terror of conflict and war?


In India, where tuberculosis is on the rise, a gift of €25 could screen 10 people for TB


In Syria, your gift of €50 could help provide life- saving hygiene kits to five families for a month to stop the spread of deadly


In Yemen, where cholera and other infectious diseases kill as many as 20 people a day, €100 could provide three life-saving cholera kits


In Gaza, your support can help the Irish Red Cross provide specialized violence-prevention training to thousands of young people – just like Noa. A special gift of €250+ could help to provide support and training to a volunteer for ten months.


+Donations of €250+ are worth 45% extra to the Irish Red Cross if you pay income tax or capital gains tax – at no extra cost to you.


 We have changed names to protect identities.


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