Irish Red Cross
The Red Cross, all over the world, depends on its local volunteers and those volunteers depend on you.


Whether it’s by ambulance, boat or by foot, our volunteers reach out and now they need your support.

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€50 could help fill up the fuel tank of an ambulance during the next Emergency

€80 could help volunteers in Gaza having medical supplies to help victims of violent attacks

€120 could help Ireland’s Red Cross volunteers revive the victim of a heart attack in your own town centre


Irish Red Cross volunteers like Paddy, Bruce and Tom in Wexford played a critical role in helping those in their locality during the severe weather. They were out on the roads with shovels and a 4x4 ambulance and although they were also affected by the snow storms, it didn’t stop Paddy and his team.


“We were out since before 7am and were up the walls. We got patients to the dialysis centre for treatment and back again. We also had to rescue people from their homes where they had been snowed in with no power, water or heat"  Read More


"I am writing to thank you for taking care of me when I fell from my bike during the Claremorris Cycling Club charity event on 16 September last.You literally saved my life" Read More


And they can’t do it without you. Please donate what you can today.